Unstoppable Me

‘Unstoppable Me!’ Workshop for Corporates


  • Are you an organization that wants organizational growth propelled by your employee’s inner growth?
  • Are you a pro-diversity organization who want to give an equal platform and opportunity for women to grow within the organization?
  • Do you want your women employees to take a confidence filled leap of faith in their careers and lead like a boss?
  • Do you want to facilitate women employees to reach their full potential conquering their fears and inhibitions?


If any of your answers are YES, then you definitely need “Unstoppable Me” in your organization.


Unstoppable Me is a unique 3 hours long classroom program that helps women employees to unleash their full potential, by allowing them to understand their fears, inhibitions, beliefs around themselves, their work and their larger life.



Why ‘Unstoppable Me!’?


In today’s world, success comes easily only when we are thoroughly connected to our inner self, personal world professional world. Most often we see women are torn between their inner self, professional world, and personal world. Which in turn hampers their performance at work making them ineffective even though they are capable. Plus the pressure of blending into the crowd makes it even more difficult to rise up, be unique and lead differently.


Let’s understand and acknowledge the fact that women do think and act differently than men and hence they could prove to be an immensely valuable resource for any organization. The catch is that they need a slightly different push. What motivates men certainly doesn’t motivate women. That’s because they are differently wired.


Hence, it becomes important for organizations to treat their needs differently. Motivate them, equip them, train them in a manner that takes women to their peak potential. That’s why you need Unstoppable me.



What is Unstoppable Me?


After working with a whopping 500+ women in the past we know what are the primary reasons that stop women from taking that leap of faith. What stops them from dreaming big and going after their biggest and scariest dreams.


Why they remain silent in boardrooms, even when they have brilliant ideas. Why they shy away from big and important projects. Why they avoid being assertive and many more.


We have developed this unique program for corporate women, where we address each of these blockages, through storytelling, an art of asking right questions, identifying their own individual blockages and sharing tools and strategies that can help them get rid of these, by making them truly unstoppable.



How does it work?


This is a 3-hour long interactive classroom session which is specially designed keeping in mind the needs of corporate women.


The program is loaded with:


  • Storytelling
  • Art of self-talk
  • Art of asking the right questions
  • Individual exercises those help in the inner search
  • Group exercises that help in bonding


The program is conducted by highly qualified Ridhani Team lead by our founder, Srijata Bhatnagar. Who herself is a growth coach to many in her individual capacity. What’s more? As we have worked with an innumerable number of women, it allows us to instantly understand the pain points. Which we address during the session.


Imagine, after these capable and talented women go through this churning what a powerhouse they will become. Not only they will perform better in their professional life, but it will also help them sort out their personal life as well. Thereby amplifying professional performance and growth immensely.